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An Overview


Organize your insights & and track your growth with databyrd.


A databyrd Introduction

Simple & efficient

With date based querying you can get quick real-time insights on the metrics and timeframe you care about

Amazing UI

databyrd has an amazing user interface with graphs and tables to help you visualize and track your insights

Organic & Paid Insights

At databyrd we show you both paid and organic insights on all platforms!

In detail



Realtime measurements to analyze your marketing & drive conversions

Track Growth

Fast, realtime data to map out your growth

Important Metrics

Fast, easy to understand overview pages to save you time


Build Reports with a single click

All In One

Your website, social media, & ad platform analytics all in one place

A Closer Look

Demographic insights to show you what is being seen, by whom, and where

Simplicity At Your Fingertips

A Simple, Smart & Proven way to boost your sales.

On Call

Reports all digital data related to all digital marketing ad spend in real time

Designed By Professionals

Provides insightful analytics selected by CEOs, laid out and designed by marketers

Paid/Organic Insights

Provides useful insights into consumer behaviors and interactions on your website from both paid and organic social media efforts

Map Out Growth

Allows for time over time comparison to see how performance differentiated between digital platforms and time periods

Tell me how it works!

databyrd is easy to set up & easy to use
- Get insightful data at your fingertips quickly & easily

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First gather all your credentials

Setting up the dash

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Ready to report

Use databyrd to view your insights

Not just social media

databyrd is not just a social dashboard. With an in house team of developers & designers we have implemented several automotive specific platforms into our dashboard.

Trusted by several automotive dealerships and companies alike, we have built features and reporting systems that not only help you track your growth, but compile the data you need to make actionable changes in your marketing efforts.

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